My blog is a month old today! Get out the cake and candle… OK, I might have a celebratory muffin later sans candle. I’ve had over 2000 views (only 40 of which were me before I learned to turn off my own page views) and now have 48 followers. I can’t say thank you enough for supporting me.

What’s in the pipeline? I’m gathering a little stash of goodies for when I hit 100 followers and then they’ll be a super-dooper, follower only giveaway. So if you follow with a reader that Google can’t detect, please follow on the Google friend connect doodah (you can use a number of different social network logons).

From day one I wanted to share my love of mythology. So I’ll be starting up an A-Z of mythology shortly. I’ve finally picked a topic for A and I might even cycle through the alphabet a few times.

Of course, I’ll be carrying on with the reviews, top tens, weekly updates and pre-loved giveaways too. Today’s the last day to enter for A Vintage Affair and there will be a new giveaway on Friday as always.

Hoping to post my review for Hotel Angeline: A Novel In 36 Voices tonight which will come with some media gadgetry (if not, blame the media gadgetry).