It’s not often I don’t finish a book but this is one example. Which I feel a bit bad about as I received it for review. There are many people that did enjoy this book though and you can read more reviews on Goodreads.

I got about half-way before I decided I couldn’t read any more. At first I thought I’d really like the book, there was a hint of the early Anita Blake books about it. Tough chick helps police solve supernatural crimes style.

In reality I didn’t like any of the characters. I often find men writing a female first person narrator unconvincing and this is no exception. Dakota reads like a man at times, she irritates me by saying every man she meets is hot but giving no real reasoning behind that opinion. Maybe a cursory description but no gut emotion behind it. Then it turns out she’s got an ex-girlfriend. Hrm, I’m not convinced at all.

Then there’s the attempt to fit in some S&M so it kind of feels like it’s being written to a familiar template. Sorry, this one wasn’t for me.