I have just finished reading the 8th book in MaryJanice Davidson’s Queen Betsy series and rather than putting you off by writing a review of this book by itself, I thought I’d write about the series in general.

I do really recommend the first book, Undead and Unwed which is an amusing parody on the vampire sub-genre. Betsy Taylor (she hates being called Elizabeth) gets hit by car and refuses to stay dead. Betsy is a girlie girl who loves her designer shoes and comes across a bit ditzy, not your normal candidate for a vampire queen, but slowly she realises she’s not your average vampire.
I also enjoyed Undead and Unemployed where Betsy decides she needs to get a job. As she loves shoes she might as well work with them and it’s fun seeing her trying to juggle the mundane with her life as a bloodsucking fiend.
Of course, there’s a love interest in Sink Lair…I mean Sinclair, who of course Betsy hates on sight. Their relationship has been fun to follow up to book seven, Undead and Unworthy, but I’m getting bored now.
One of the really annoying thing about this series is the fact that there’s short stories between the novels which impact the ongoing storyline. Half the time you spend wondering what you’ve missed and then if you do want to read them, most of the stories are hidden away in anthologies.
The easiest way to show my waning interest is to post the books in reading order with my ratings (click through to see my thoughts on Goodreads).
#9 Undead and Unfinished N/A
#10 Undead and Undermined N/A

You may also want to read the short stories:
“Dead Girls Don’t Dance”, 1.5 (Cravings anthology)
“Biting in Plain Sight”, 2.1 (Bite anthology)
“Monster Love” and “A Fiend in Need”, 4.5 (Dead and Loving It anthology)
“Dead Over Heels”, 6.5 (Dead Over Heels anthology)

There may be others, it’s hard to keep track!

These have always been short and easy books to read but I struggled to finish Undead and Unwelcome, finding myself much more interested in the internet. I have the next book out from the library but I’m not sure I’m going to read it. Farewell Betsy, it’s been fun whilst it lasted.