“Well, dear, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man with a lot of wood must be in need of a wife who can handle a great big-”

Oh yes Vimes and Lady Sybil are off for a holiday in the country and it’s not voluntary on his part. Of course she own a great big house with all the staff and customs of the aristocracy. Vimes can think of nothing better than returning to the city and his job. But as luck would have it, he’s soon being framed for a murder without a body and discovering more than he ever thought possible about goblins.

Like a few of Sir Terry’s recent books, there are strong themes of equality and prejudice. Don’t expect the Pride and Prejudice plot though but there are plenty of references for fans of Austen. The oppressed race in this case are the goblins but one of the wonderful things about the last few books as they really don’t need to be set in a fantasy world at all. They are stories that don’t rely on magic or mysticism to work and the goblins could be substituted for any persecuted group of people.

There were lots of laugh out loud lines and even a few awww moments. His wit and way of looking at the world is one of the best things about any Discworld book. I did feel the ending dragged a little and I don’t think there were any surprises to be had.

Young Sam has graduated from Where’s My Cow to The World of Poo and delights the reader with his obsession. I’d love to see The World of Poo released as its own book like they did with the picture book for Where’s My Cow. I bet loads of us would buy it!