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Month: January 2012

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Tris lives in a world where war is no more. The citizens have been divided into factions dependent on what they thought caused the wars in the first place. They are Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, Candor and Erudite. I will warn…


Bout of Books 3.0

Bout of Books is a flexible week-long readathon hosted by Amanda. I am working this week so I won’t be reading as much as some and I have book group on Monday so really won’t be starting in earnest until…

Books In


AKA In My Mailbox If I look and sound a bit tired it’s because I stupidly recorded this first thing this morning. Next time I will have coffee and do my hair before starting! You can also see the state…


Zoo City

Zinzi December carries a sloth on her back. He is a mark of what she has done wrong. In an alternate Johannesburg, the animalled, or “zoos”, live as outcasts, surviving as best they can in inner city slums. With Zinzi’s…

General Fiction, Literary


“Do you know, Quinn, there isn’t even a single word for a parent who has lost a child? Strange, isn’t it? You would think, after all these centuries of war and disease and trouble, but no, there is a hole…