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Month: August 2012

General Fiction, Literary

Go To Sleep

When a one night stand with an ex leaves Rachel pregnant, she decides to go ahead and have the baby by herself. She is a strong, independent woman, she will be a great mother. But as the sleepless hours tick by, she starts to resent…

Fantasy, Young Adult


Year after year, Lark has been passed over for the harvesting, watching younger children be chosen. Her city, the only one left, is power by the Resource, a magic that everyone is born with but cannot waste on themselves. Lark believes herself a dud but…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Yesterday I was feeling a bit glum as lots of other bloggers were announcing exciting arrivals in the post on Twitter (some of which I’m hoping to get too) and all my post contained was a letter about my pension. Boo! Still,…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


“You might think you’re all master-of-your-own-destiny and whatever,” Aubrey said. “But really, you’re caught up in a huge game of Top Trumps.” Scott’s never been one to show off before so he’s not quite sure why he’s climbing a pylon to impress a girl. When…


Book Spine Haiku

I love book spine poetry and I always looks forward to seeing what people come up with in the now traditional Bout of Books challenge. Hosted by bookgoonie, today’s challenge goes one step further and we have to form our books into a haiku. I…

Historical Fiction

The Somnambulist

In Phoebe Turner’s Victorian home hangs a painting. The Somnambulist. It reminds her of her dear Aunt Cissy, a music hall beauty who she wishes were her mother. Instead, Maud is a strict Christian, pounding the streets with the Hallelujah Army and severely disapproving of…


Bout of Books Limerick Challenge

It’s day two of Bout of Books and I hope you’re having fun. Or at least haven’t succumbed to any readathon related injuries… For today’s challenge, I’d like you to write me a bookish or bloggish limerick. Our novels get longa and longa Their language…