Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

It’s day two of Bout of Books and I hope you’re having fun. Or at least haven’t succumbed to any readathon related injuries… For today’s challenge, I’d like you to write me a bookish or bloggish limerick.

Our novels get longa and longa
Their language gets stronga and stronga
There’s much to be said
For a life that is led
In illiterate places like Bonga
H. G. Wells

A limerick is basically a 5 line poem, where lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme, along with other rules that you may wish to break. You can read much more helpful tips on writing your limerick here. The sillier the better!

Your limerick will gain you an entry into the draw for a paperback novel of your choice from The Book Depository. Only those of you signed up for Bout of Books will qualify for the prize. It’s INTERNATIONAL and ends tomorrow @ 00:00 CST (06:00 BST). Please link to your limerick in the linky list below.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to stop by Once Upon a Time and The Grammarian’s Reviews who are also hosting challenges today.