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Month: May 2013


Stray Souls

It started with a Facebook group; Weird Shit Keeps Happening to Me And I Don’t Know Why But Figure I Need Help. When Sharon Li starts to find herself turning invisible as she walks the streets of London, she has no one to turn to…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

Across the Universe

Amy and her parents are embarking on a voyage of a lifetime. Several lifetimes. Cryogenically frozen in order to survive the 300 year journey, they are heading toward a new planet, with the hopes to colonise it for humankind. But Amy awakes 50 years early….

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday The gravitational forces of The Works pulled me inside yesterday. They have lots of new stock and have changed the 3 for £5 offer to 2 for £3! So I carefully selected two books only instead of leaving with armfuls of series…

General Fiction

The Sea Sisters

When Katie Greene is woken in the night, she is convinced her sister Mia has just got the time difference wrong. Six months earlier, Mia had announced she was off travelling, taking her best friend Finn with her. But it is not Mia on the…


Bout of Books 7.0

Goals + Updates Time devoted to reading: We’re back on track with Bout of Books starting on book group day again. So I probably won’t be contributing much on the Monday and then I’ll have to write up my notes which seems to take me…


A Game of Thrones

So, A Game of Thrones needs no introduction. I had no intention of reading it at first and I only watched the TV version recently, but now I’m caught up with that, I can see myself getting impatient between series. It’s already happening just waiting…


Kitty Steals the Show

Kitty Steals the Show is the 10th book in the Kitty Norville series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. “Don’t underestimate her ability to talk,” Ben said, his expression wry. He was enjoying this, the bastard. “It’s her superpower.” Wolves…

General Fiction, Literary

Care of Wooden Floors

Oskar has left his apartment in the hands of an old university friend. It is a beautiful apartment, carefully decorated with everything in its place. The wooden floors are the pièce de résistance and require careful treatment. Oskar is very precise about this. Should anything…

Books In


AKA Showcase Sunday Before you look at me disapprovingly, this is two weeks’ worth of books. It looks like I have been a bit click happy with ebooks lately but a lot of them are short… except in the case of A Game of Thrones…