Night School: Legacy is the sequel to Night School and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book.

Allie is enjoying her short break at home before returning to Cimmeria Academy for the new term when she is followed by mysterious men in suits. Her quick thinking saves her this time and she is whisked back to the apparent safety of the school. As she is inducted into Night School, Allie starts to learn that the organisation is bigger than she thought as well as learning more about her family; the legacy that brought her to the door of Cimmeria.

I can’t promise you’ll have all the answers, but a lot more does become clear in the second instalment in this thrilling young adult series. We learn the main reason Allie was sent to the school and find out about her brother’s involvement with Nathaniel. Although I did feel Nathaniel was a bit of a forced villain, writing this after reading the next book, I understand his character better. I suppose that’s what comes out of holding information back. The students aren’t told everything just that he’s a bad man that wants to seize control.

I know a few people might be rolling their eyes at the return of the love triangle but I liked how Sylvain became the better boy despite what he did in the first book. Which let’s face it, everyone decided was unforgivable, but then he saved her life and throughout this book, he is forever doing and saying exactly the right thing. Whilst Carter starts to act controlling, something that is just as bad and can lead to so much worse. Whilst some love triangles are a bit silly, this one genuinely feels like a normal girl struggling with relationships and feelings. Because I’m pretty sure everyone fancied more than one person at school!

Allie has to face some tough decisions and do a lot of growing up. It all snowballs into a shocking climax and you’ll be reaching for the next book straight away. I did.

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