Tempt the Stars is the 6th book in the Cassie Palmer series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

Since her coronation (the one she wasn’t invited to) Cassie Palmer has had a string of supernaturals knocking at her door. But she has more important things to do, like going back in time to sneak into her old boss’s home for information, which never goes smoothly. Meanwhile, she is determined to find a way to bring Pritkin back. She can’t leave him at the hands of his demon father but the one person that can help, is Pritkin himself. That shouldn’t be too much trouble for the Pythia, right?

It’s so long been Cassie Palmer novels that I must admit I’d forgotten about what happened to Pritkin at the end of Hunt the Moon. Please forgive me! I would suggest refreshing your memory by reading the last two chapters first if you’re a little hazy (or the whole book if you have time). Fans of Pritkin will be happy with this instalment as Mircea takes a backseat; indeed he is eerily absent from Vegas. Is it because he can sense Cassie’s loss of Pritkin or is it something else?

This world is like a warm, cosy blanket for me and I just fall into it every time. I love the characters and the mythology. Of course, I’m a huge Pritkin fan so this book was full of touching moments and nooooos and bad timing. If you prefer Mircea, you might hate it! They travel to a demon dimension which is so well imagined and so different to where you’d expect them to go. There’s loads more background given around Cassie’s parents and her ancestry. The kind which ties her to the gods of old. One of the best things about adding time travel in the mix, is it’s easier to fill in the history without info dumping.

All the time, they are still on the brink of war, and there are witches hanging round back at her suite. I have always enjoyed Cassie’s interactions with Mircea’s men; the vampire bodyguards have become her family of sorts. Cassanova also gets involved and there’s a hilarious and gripping flying carpet ride to look forward to. And. Oh. My. God. The ending! I really hope Karen doesn’t wait another two years to find out what happens next, it has set itself up for another fantastic book.

Tempt the Stars is published by Signet, an imprint of Penguin, and will be available in paperback and ebook formats from 1st October 2013. Thanks go to the publisher for providing a copy for review via NetGalley.

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