Dewey’s Readathon Mini-Challenge


Awake? Are you ready? Go on, get that cup of coffee. It’s time to stretch some of those muscles and test your motor skills, it’s Book Jenga time!

What on earth is Book Jenga, I hear you mumble sleepily. You know the game, which is normally played with wooden blocks, well I want to see your Jenga towers built with books!

You can try and stack them in the same way as Jenga, or create a house of cards books, or just create a really impressive pile. It’s the taking part that counts (oh OK, if anyone creates a really impressive construction, they will get a bonus prize). Just take a photo and leave a comment or tweet it to me.

If you also want to enter for a paperback book of your choice (who wouldn’t), please, please stick your name in the Rafflecopter. It means you don’t have to leave your contact details for all and sundry to see AND it makes it easier for me to pick a winner.

So I know you’re tired, here’s the steps:

1. Build a tower of books*
2. Take a photo**
3. Comment with a link to your photo
OR Tweet @patchworkbunny your photo
4. Add yourself to the Rafflecopter

*You could try and build it out of ereading devices, but surely you haven’t got rid of ALL your books? You have? Sorry, this ones for us luddites.

**I know there’s always a few people that don’t have access to digital cameras and sorry. Maybe you could draw a picture? If you are BookTubing, you can show it in your video but please make it short or near the beginning.

This challenge will run until the end of the readathon. So if you wake up and realise you’ve missed out on hours of reading, you can still come play! Please ignore the end time on the widget.

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