Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

So I started doing this list with lots of cool things, but I stopped and thought, who can afford this stuff, really? So I changed my mind and found you ten bargain items that are £10 or under.

Peropon Drinking Animal Planter

Do you always forget to water your herbs? Well these super cute plant pots make watering fun! Fill up their saucers and their little tongues will suck up the water and stop your plants getting thirsty without drowning them. The small size are £9.99 @ Firebox, with seeds included, and come in panda (basil), frog (mint), dog (clover) and cat (wild strawberry) versions.

Property of Hogwarts Mug

Primark have loads of Harry Potter stuff in at the moment, from muggle socks to “waiting for my letter” bedding, but this mug is an absolute bargain at £2.50, and mugs are always useful. I have also seen a polyjuice potion, hipster-style, glass mug in store.

Stranger Things Colouring Book

This unofficial colouring book is pretty cool, and as there’s not much merchandise about it’s a great gift for a fan of Stranger Things. Plus it’s only £7 on Etsy.

Wooden Bookmark

IngrainedInc have loads of these bookmarks in their Etsy shop but I think my favourite is the giraffe. It costs £7.50 and can be personalised on the back.

Pokeball Grinder

If you know someone who likes cooking and Pokemon, this could be the perfect gift. It’s £9.89 on Etsy and will grind herbs and spices

Microwave Penguin

These microwavable bean bags are pretty handy if you feel the cold and a little less hassle than a hot water bottle. Perfect to snuggle up to whilst reading. This one from New Look is pretty cute and is currently reduced to £8.24.

Hip Flask

To help get anyone through the holiday season. If you’ve got money to spare, give your friend something to fill it up with too. This Sass & Belle adventure flask is £7 @ ASOS

A Dragon!

Can’t afford the real thing? Paperchase have a selection of plastic dragons at £6 each.

A Hand-Picked Book

Duh! Of course you know books are great presents, but rather than me telling you books I like, you should always pick a book based on what the recipient likes. If your dad loves epic fantasy, but you never read it, find a blogger you trust to give you some ideas. It’s great if your family and friends have the same taste as you but if not, don’t fall into the trap of just buying them something you love.

Personalised Book Token

National Book Tokens can be used in bookshops all across Britain including chains. Earlier in the year they introduced personalised book tokens which you can get to look a bit like a Penguin Classic, as well as other designs (or create your own). It costs a bit extra to get a custom one, but they can be topped up so your friend/family member can use it for their book shopping forever if they like! I have seen codes (maybe on O2) to get a personalised one without the fee, so do look around.