Fancy a reading thing for next year without too much commitment? Love Terry Pratchett or just want to know what Discworld is all about? Want to just see how many times I typo it as Discoworld? Bex @ An Armchair By The Sea is hosting Discworldathon 2017, with a pick and choose approach to participation.

I am hosting Hogfather month so I have a whole 11 months to really get prepared! Also I’m aiming on blogging once a month on something Pratchett related, reading bits and pieces including those books I’ve held back on because I didn’t want it to be the end, watching adaptations and colouring some stuff in. I might dust off my Ankh-Morpork board game and see if I can work out how to play it, but there’s not really anyone around that is that enthused by it enough to want to play. Boohoo!

There will also be readalongs, although I’ll probably pass unless it’s a book I fancied reading anyway at the time, giveaways and Twitter chats. If anyone would like a guest spot here to talk about their favourite Terry Pratchett moments or books, please get in touch.

Check out the schedule and then sign-up.