It’s customary to say some words to mark a blogoversary and I had a waffling post on the go. Then I thought, why not just do an infographic with inaccurate pie charts? The numbers are not spot on but they vaguely illustrate how my reading has changed from my first year of blogging to this year just gone. Also, numbers!

When I started out, I was single, renting a shared flat and had loads of time to read. Now I have a Josh and a Scully to keep me distracted and our very own house. So I don’t blog or read as much as I once did, but that’s OK because it’s just one little part of my life now.

I’ve quietly added a Read the World challenge page to my blog. I know others are doing this to deadlines but I’m going for a leisurely, get done in my lifetime sort of thing.

My blog was meant to be getting a new template for its birthday but we’ve had some teething troubles, so that will happen when I have time to wrangle it back into shape. Here’s to another year!