Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman are my favourite celebrity couple. I don’t really have favourite celebrity couples so that’s saying something. Their joint biography is made to be listened to. I’m not really sure how it would work in print, because it’s very conversational and felt like there was ad-libbing going on.

You probably know Megan from Will and Grace, and Nick from Parks and Recreation. However in my mind, Megan has now morphed into Tammy (Ron’s ex-wife in Parks) and after listening to this, that seems fitting. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told explains how they met and what they like about each other. I adore that they like to spend their free weekends doing jigsaw puzzles whilst listening to audiobooks.

A lot of it veers into autobiography territory, talking about career paths that I wasn’t that interested in. Megan’s sections particularly seemed like her biography rather than them talking about their relationship.

To my way of thinking, it’s an illustration of a relationship that the reader may find surprisingly normal. When all you have by which to judge a relationship are some grippingly cute Instagram videos, it might not occur to one that there’s a lot of banal real life.

If you’re wondering how the picture section works, they verbally describe the photos that were selected to go in the book. It’s a fun way to make listeners feel like they are not missing out (and you can always flick through the book in a library or shop if you are still intrigued).

My favourite parts were their relationship and life advice segments, which are short and felt less like them just having a chat in a recording studio. If you like Nick and Megan you’ll probably like this, their personalities shine through and it contains plenty of laughs.

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