It’s time to crunch some reading stats! I read 127 books in 2018 totalling 44,849 pages, which is the most I’ve read since 2013. I put this down to finally getting the hang of audiobooks. My average page count per book was 353, so it’s not even because I read tiny books. I averaged out at 123 pages read per day. Not too shabby.

I read 33 books by BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity) authors which is 26%. I was aiming for 30% so I was close, but could do better. My gender split was skewed towards women with 85 books by female authors (69%), 34 by male authors (26%) and 8 co-authored by both (5%).

My longest book was Kingdom of Ash at 980 pages and the shortest was The Only Harmless Great Thing at 93 pages. My average rating was 3.7, so generally a very good year for quality. I gave 18 books 5 stars.

I only read 29 books off my pre-2018 TBR, which isn’t so good. I did use the library a bit more this year and took in 212 new-to-me books. I spent a whopping £825.28 on books averaging at £3.89 per book (this includes ARCs, borrowing and gifts, so the real average is a little higher at £5.03).

I have been trying to reduce Amazon use but due to ebook sales they were still my top source of books, accounting for 96 of my new books. I bought 26 from Waterstones, my top source for physical books, and 19 from Wordery.

I’ve not reviewed my recently read books yet, so if you’d like to see all of 2018’s reads check out my Goodreads year in books. You can see my top ten favourites here.