I’m booked in for my vaccine this week and hopefully going to eat out for the first time this year. The weather has not been so great but we still went out for a muddy walk in the forest.

4th - The Library of the Dead by T.L. Huchu
4th - The Library of the Dead by T.L. Huchu

Which leads me onto The Circling Sky by Neil Ansell, which I finished on audiobook this week and is all about the New Forest. Despite knowing a fair bit about it already, I also learned some new facts and it has also inspired me to pay closer attention to the creatures I see when out walking. I can identify the main culprits, but whenever I see a bird or insect I don’t know, I don’t usually try that hard to identify it. Hearing how many rare species are around, I feel like I should do better as I might be seeing something rare and fleeting!

The not so rare and fleeting Muddy Labrador. It’s OK, we keep her away from anywhere ground nesting birds might be. She is shedding all over the place right now. I’m surprised she’s not bald.

This week I also read Sorrowland by River Solomon. I liked the idea of the network created by mycelium, and it wasn’t as depressing as I was expecting from some of the reviews I’d seen. It actual has plenty of hope in it! Although the first part of the book I kept expecting her children to die because she just leaves them alone so much and it’s not very clear if they’re old enough to be left, especially considering they are only born at the start. I liked the latter parts of the book much more, so if you are reading it and struggling with the start, it is worth it.

And I read Heartstopper Volume 4 which is always adorable but this volume seemed a lot more serious than the others, as it focuses on Charlie’s eating disorder. It has a great message of asking for help. I’m looking forward to the Netflix adaptation of the series.

I signed up for the 20 Books of Summer challenge this week too. I’d probably read that many anyway but I am going to use it as a reviewing challenge and post 20 reviews too. I do have a handful of drafted reviews ready to go, so hopefully the blog will be a bit more lively. If you missed it, I posted a 5 star review of The Library of the Deadย yesterday.

New books acquired:

[GIFTED] Blackheart Knights by Laure Eve (Jo Fletcher)
The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee (ebook)
The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (ebook)
The Vaccine Race by Meredith Wadaman (ebook)
How to Save a Life by Eva Carter (ebook)