Two years ago Erin’s sister got onto a plane and was never seen again. It was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime, but the sisters had an argument the night before, and Erin never turned up for the doomed flight. When the pilot suddenly turns up in hospital, Erin flies out to Fiji desperate for answers.

In the early days of my blog I read loads of thrillers but I reached saturation point right about the time it was fashionable to have thoroughly unlikable characters in domestic thrillers. I was out. But recently, after enjoying so much YA crime fiction, I thought I’d give adult thrillers another chance.

In The Castaways, I liked the premise of a lost plane investigation intertwined with the survivors trying to live on an isolated island. The official blurb gives a slightly different impression of what it’s about, and I think you could be disappointed if you wanted a creepy, island survival story.

The plot alternates between Erin’s present day point of view and Lori’s time from the crash onwards. As readers we know she at least survived the plane crash, but the mystery is what happened to her next, and why did the pilot not come forward sooner?

I did guess what turned out the be the eventual explanation, however there were enough moments that I doubted my guesswork that I found it attention-grabbing throughout. I was fairly interested in the plane crash and minutiae of surviving on a small island with a baby in tow, so your mileage may vary. It was all quite entertaining as long as I didn’t think too hard about it, which is probably what I want from this type of book!

I’m using it for the ATY prompt “set on an island”.

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