It’s been weirdly warm these last few days. Yesterday we went on an extended version of our Burley walk, took a wrong turn and ended up walking through a bog. Eventually we made it back into Burley and bought a pile of Burley Fudge who do loads of flavours of lovely, crumbly handmade fudge. I ended up without a bag (hello social awkwardness), so ended up carrying a fudge baby wrapped in jumpers all the way back to where we’d parked, which was not in Burley.

We’ve been trying to sort out planning a new kitchen and that’s taken up a ridiculous amount of headspace, but I did manage to write one whole review of Under the Whispering Door.

Just the one book read this week, but it was a corker. The Forevers by Chris Whitaker has a kind of Deep Impact x On the Beach vibe but for teenagers, beautiful and heart-breaking, I loved it. It’s set in the final month before an asteroid hits the earth and everyone is expected to carry on living as normal, but how do you do that when you’ll never have a future? Expect a full review of this one.

I’m now only one book (well a couple of hours of audio) away from finishing the Popsugar Reading Challenge for this year. I still have a way to go on ATY, but the Around the Year in 52 Books 2022 list has now been posted if you’re starting to collect challenge ideas for next year.

New books acquired:

Stay Another Day by Juno Dawson
The Book of Form and Emptiness by Ruth Ozeki
[gifted] The Untold Story by Genevieve Cogman (Pan Macmillan)
In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren (ebook)