I don’t know where time is disappearing to. The weather has mostly been glorious…except that we went camping in Devon at the weekend and Saturday night welcomed us with wind, rain and thunder. The tent is in need of waterproofing as we were dodging drips as the storm went on. At least it didn’t blow away!

Here’s the view from our camping spot at Hennock Hideaways:

Back of Labrador looking out over grass and rolling hills

We ventured into the fog on Dartmoor, trying to find a waterfall…we got as far as a mini waterfall but the walk we were following didn’t seem to be following very clear paths and things were getting a bit treacherous so we turned round and came back the way we came. Was nice to see a different part of the country though.

Rocky moorland with fog in distance

It’s back to being hot and sunny today, which isn’t helping my review writing one little bit, as I just want to be outside. That and there’s new Planet Zoo DLC coming this week, which will no doubt eat up all my time. However since my last update I reviewed the new Rizzoli and Isles, Listen to Me and Half a Soul.

So what have I been reading in the baking sun and dripping tent? The Deepest of Secrets by Kelley Armstrong is the final book in the Rockton series, but not the end for these characters.

The Book of Gothel by Mary McMyne is a wonderful take on the story of Rapunzel from the point of view of the witch, using the original tale’s associations with midwifery to create a new backstory.

Stuck With You by Ali Hazelwood is the second novella in her STEMinist series. I didn’t like this as much as the first one, it feels a bit rushed, with the backstory taking place in one day and the present being over and hour or so while stuck in a lift. The whole, “your penis is so large I’m worried it won’t fit” thing she keeps writing about is getting a bit tiresome.

New books acquired:

Juniper & Thorn by Ava Reid
Saint Death’s Daughter by C.S.E. Cooney (ebook)