Now that The Locked Library have hinted at the third book, I don’t think I’ll be renewing my subscription when it ends. The editions are pretty but they’re not really selecting books I’m excited about… and Illumicrate have just announced a horror subscription that I want to try. The Locked Library was meant to be a mix of speculative genres which appealed to me but so far it’s just been fantasy.

I have been mostly reading about murder this week… Which is weird because I was in the moody for light fluffy books but couldn’t really find anything in my excessive TBR that was quite right. I guess I didn’t want to embark on any new worldbuilding, so mysteries sort of fit the bill, even if the subject isn’t light.

Weather has been grotty this week, but at least not cold. Here’s Scully from a couple of weeks ago when the sun last came out…

Labrador dog with eyes closed sat on grass with sea in background.

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Review: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Stephen Graham Jones

On My Radar: April

Books read:

[ARC] My Murder by Katie Williams

The victims of a serial killer are brought back to life through cloning technology and meet in a support group.  Despite the tagline for this book, she’s not really investigating her own murder until past halfway through the story, and this annoyed me because there were plenty of other angles they could have chosen without being spoilery. However I did enjoy it and it’s a very fast paced read.

  • ATY # 14. A book with a con, deception, or fake

A Gift of Poison by Bella Ellis

The final Brontë mystery, ending the series before things get too sad in their lives. This is based on the real life Haworth Poisoner (although the timeline wouldn’t have crossed with the Brontës in reality and names have been changed). I’ve really enjoyed listening to these books on audio.

  • ATY # 15. Three books, each of which is set in a different century: Book 1
  • Popsugar # 34. A historical-fiction book

Ghosts in the Hedgerow by Tom Moorhouse

The murder mystery part ended up a bit silly however I did find the analysis of the perils of hedgehogs interesting and useful. The fact that we now have a regular hedgehog visitor in our formerly barren front garden is a win for rewilding on a tiny scale, and according to this book, it still counts.


Books acquired:

Bought – Digital:

Lone Women by Victor LaValle (audiobook)

For Review:

After That Night by Karin Slaughter (HarperCollins)