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Category: Science Fiction

Science Fiction


It all started with a seed. Planetfall reminded me in some ways of Annihilation, but less weird and more human. Ren is a 3D-printer engineer on a colony at the base of a mysterious alien structure called God’s City. Twenty-two year’s prior, Lee Suh-Mi led…

Science Fiction


The Thunderhead has started to worry about the fate of the human race. Population growth might just be a problem once again, but it also does not agree with the new order Scythes. Of course, bound by its own rules, it cannot interfere with the…

Science Fiction


Rosewater is a Nigerian town grown up around a mysterious alien dome. Kaaro is a sensitive who was there from the start, the dome sending out spores which give people like him a telepathic gift. No one knows what the aliens want, but once a…

Science Fiction


Lacey Chu wants to be a companioneer at MONCHA, one of the engineers responsible for creating the robotic pets called baku. First she needs to get into Profectus and get a level 3 baku. Her dreams seem to be at an end when she receives…

Science Fiction


I lost an arm on my last trip home. My left arm. Each time Rufus puts his life at risk, Dana is sucked back through time to save him. The trouble is, Rufus is the son of a slave-owner in the ante-bellum south and Dana…

5 Star, Science Fiction


I must have bypassed Scythe when it came out, because I’d become a bit phased by young adult dystopia, but then I saw Hanna @ Booking in Heels loved it. She’s a tough critic. Turns out it’s set in a utopia and has plenty to…