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Category: Thriller

Thriller, Young Adult


Mallory killed her boyfriend. She doesn’t remember much of what happened, just the fear, but the authorities agree it was self-defence. However her parents decide that she would be better off finishing her education away from the town where everyone knows. Arriving at boarding school,…

General Fiction, Thriller

Origins of Love

Simran is a social worker in Delhi, reluctantly helping a hospital supplying surrogate mothers to foreigners. When Amelia is born HIV positive and left without parents, Simran is determined to find someone to take care of the vulnerable baby and get to the bottom of…



When humanoid bones are found in a remote dig in Israel, scientists start going missing. Ex war correspondent Ethan Warner is called in to conduct a missing persons search for Lucy and keep it under the radar to prevent derailing the peace talks between Israelis…

Thriller, Uncategorized

25 Random Facts

The following is an extract from 25 Random Facts by E.J. Mack… It wasn’t long before she finally saw it appear, glorious and bird-like over the canopy, majestically rising above the trees before skimming effortlessly over the forest roof as it flew directly towards the…


Children of Paranoia

Original post: Thursday 12th May There is a secret war raging right under our noses. Our narrator, Joseph, is a soldier in that war however you and I would call him an assassin. At the heart of the novel is the power of propaganda. That…