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Tag: a-z of myths


A is for… Afanc

I didn’t get very far last time I started an A-Z of mythology feature here on the blog. I was far too invested in finding and reading books to go with each post. This time round, I’m going to choose some of the more obscure…


B is for… Baba Yaga

You may remember I started an A-Z of mythology. Maybe not as I never got past the letter A. There is reasoning behind this as I wanted to feature Baba Yaga for the letter B and had plans to read the Canongate Myth, Baba Yaga…


A is for… Atlas

Atlas, who bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders, was a Titan who pops up in the tales of the hero, Hercules (or Heracles depending on your language preference). The basic background of the Titans is covered pretty well in the Percy Jackson…