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Tag: advice


Email Etiquette: BCC

So, you need to send an email out to multiple recipients for your blog event? You just paste all the email addresses in the TO or CC fields right? WRONG! Unless you have explicit permission to share someone’s email address,…


Turning Off CAPTCHA

If you’ve been commenting on Blogger hosted blogs recently, you may have been cursing the unreadable word verification codes, also known as CAPTCHA. You can make life so much easier for your potential commentators by turning it off. No, you…


Don’t Lose Your Blog!

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that my blog disappeared today. Google had disabled my entire account with them (that includes gmail, docs, reader, etc) due to “suspicious activity”. Not that they tell you this,…


Reviewing in the UK

Hello, it’s actually me and not a guest blogger! I thought the least I could do was write something myself but I hope you’ve been enjoying the content over the last week of so. Now I’ve often seen bloggers mention…