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Tag: advice


Hello Bookbridgr!

Today see’s the launch of bookbridgr, a new online resource for bloggers from Headline. Yet another site that has lost a vowel, I here you say. However, you can use it to request review copies, both ebook and print, direct from the publicists as well…


Stop with the Negativity!

You wouldn’t advertise a fragrance by saying “it doesn’t smell of poo” so why does everyone who sets out to praise self-publishing do so by telling us how rubbish traditional publishing is? Here are some of the things I hear again and again: Publishers only…


Covers Continued: Textures

Still paying attention after parts one and two? This week we’re looking how you can add textures to your images to create that grunge look you see on a lot of print covers. These posts are designed as quick tips for self-published authors, if you…