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Tag: andrew kaufman

General Fiction

Book Group: The Waterproof Bible

Why do bad things happen to good people? Because it makes a good story. Aberystwyth is searching for her estranged mother who was banished from her underwater parish when she pointed out to her parishioners that their religion is all lies. Just stories, and that living…

General Fiction

Born Weird

Blessing + Curse = Blursing The Weird family have always been a little, well, weird but when their grandmother announces she will die at 7:39 pm on April 20th, Angie discovers her and her siblings were cursed at birth. Grandmother Weird had meant them as…


The Tiny Wife

The robbery was not without consequences. The consequences were the point of the robbery. When a man in a purple hat walks into the bank with a loaded gun, it’s not money he’s after but an item of sentimental value from each victim. In the…