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Tag: apocalypse

5 Star, Fantasy

The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure is the sequel to The Immortal Rules and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Allie is haunted in her sleep by her sire’s suffering. After Kanin was captured by the sadistic Sarren, Allie…

5 Star, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Fuse is the sequel to Pure and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. A wretch has been captured by the dome and returned Pure. She comes with a message; return our son. Willux wants Partridge to…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Pressia was only a young child the day of the Detonations. The day that changed the world forever. Those inside the dome were protected but the masses left outside were irrevocably changed; the combination of radiation and nanotechnology leaving them…

Horror, Young Adult


Shadows is the sequel to Ashes and therefore this review will contain spoilers for the first book. β€œYou need us and you get to be the boss of how we feel, who we decide to care about? We go out,…

Science Fiction, Young Adult


Alex is hiking alone in Michigan when the electromagnetic pulse hits. Of course, she doesn’t know what it is. She’s too busy being annoyed with young Ellie and her grandfather when the pain strikes. She’s no stranger to pain, she’s…

Science Fiction

The Age of Miracles

For a while the days still felt like days. The sun rose and the sun also set. Darkness was followed by light. I remember the cool swell of morning, the slow burn of afternoon, the sluggishness of dusk. Civil twilight…