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Tag: apocalypse



Read the World: Italy When the Red Fever came, it killed only the adults. On the island of Siciliy, young Anna and her little brother Astor are left orphaned. Before her death, their mother wrote The Book of Important things,…


The Forever Ship

The Forever Ship is the concluding part to the Fire Sermon trilogy and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. She was a rumour made flesh. A person from Elsewhere. A person without a twin. There’s always…

Science Fiction


When they started hearing the voices, chaos ensued. People turned against their friends and families, then turned on themselves. Not everyone hears them, but Pilgrim does and he’s found an uneasy truce with the voice in his head. Him and…

General Fiction, Literary

The Road

A man and a boy make their way along a road through a destroyed and desolate country. Where no one they meet can be considered a friend. There is no food other than what they can scavenge from already ransacked…

5 Star, General Fiction

The Wolf Road

The old ‘uns called that day the Fall or the Reformation. Nana said some down in the far south called it Rapture. Nana was a babe when it happened, said her momma called it the Big Damn Stupid. Set everything…


The Map of Bones

The Map of Bones is the sequel to The Fire Sermon and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous book. Cass’s visions of the blast are getting more frequent, straining her mentally. She sees her future in Xander…


The Fire Sermon

When Zach and I were born our parents must have counted and recounted: limbs, fingers, toes. We were perfect. They would have been disbelieving: nobody dodged the split between Alpha and Omega. After the blast it, something changed. Now each…

5 Star, Science Fiction

Station Eleven

No one paid much attention to the Georgia Flu at first, thinking it was localised to Russia. Day One, it arrives in Toronto. One week later, civilisation is collapsing. The death rate is estimated at 99%. Year Twenty, a band…

Science Fiction, Young Adult

The Rain

It’s a bank holiday in the UK the day it happened. People are outside enjoying the weather and having barbeques. The British weather never fails to ruin a day off work so of course, it rains. But this day, the…

Science Fiction


Burn is the final book in the Pure trilogy and therefore this review contains spoilers for Pure and Fuse. I heartily recommend that you give this trilogy a try! Partridge has taken his father’s place in the dome. This is…