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Tag: blog tour


Q+A with Kim Curran

If you could only have six words on the blurb for Glaze, what would they be? ARGH! So tough. So I’m going to cheat and use James Dawson’s quote for it: “A chillingly realistic social media nightmare” Petri’s namesake is pretty unique, is it tough…


Making the Magic of Shadowplay

Guest post by Laura Lam, author of Pantomime and Shadowplay. Writing about a book with magicians and spiritualism meant I was able to go wild with research, and I did. I read fiction, non-fiction, watched films, listened to podcasts, throwing myself into early, Victorian, and…


A post about St. Lucia

Guest post by Dan Newman, author of The Clearing. My novel The Clearing is set in St. Lucia, and for those of an adventurous nature, I can’t recommend the place enough; it’s really worth a visit… but you have to get out of the resort…


How to Survive a Horror Film

Guest post by James Dawson, author of Hollow Pike and Cruel Summer. It’s nearly twenty years since the first Scream film arrived in cinemas. Since then post-modern teens in horror have been dissecting the clichés of the genre. Cruel Summer is no different. Early in…


Q+A with Karin Slaughter

What draws you to crime fiction as a genre? I’ve always loved reading crime fiction—my first books were Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown. As a writer, I think crime is a useful function. By nature, the story has to have a beginning, a middle and…


Red Death Saga Blog Tour

Guest post by Bethany Griffin, author of The Masque of the Red Death and The Dance of the Red Death + GIVEAWAY! I’m pretty sure that I’m ready for a desert Island scenario- as a kid I read The Swiss Family Robinson at least 5…


The Zenn Blog-a-palooza Tour

Guest post by Christian Schoon, author of Zenn Scarlett. So, why is the heroine of my book an exoveterinarian specializing in the treatment of big, dangerous alien animals? This question calls for some quick background. After our house burned down along with about 300 other…