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1. If all the empty space were squeezed out of matter, the human race could fit in:
a) The Isle of Wight?
b) Wembley Stadium?
c) The volume of a sugar cube?

2. How many sexes do slime moulds have?
a) 2
b) 13
c) 68,000

3. The crucial survival advantage humans had over Neanderthals was:
a) Better tools
b) Better weapons
c) Sewing

What A Wonderful World is my attempt to explain everything – from finance to thermodynamics, sex to special relativity, human evolution to holography – in straight-forward, accessible, everyday language. My hope is that, if everything has passed you by in a high-speed blur, my book will quickly and painlessly bring you up to speed on how the world of the 21st century works. Of course, I havenโ€™t really covered everything. Think of it as my attempt to explain everythingโ€ฆ volume 1!

So I’m not going to be cruel and make you get the questions right to enter to win a copy (scroll to the bottom of the post for the answers). All you need to do is add yourself to the Rafflecopter, you don’t even need to follow. Extra entries for sharing and you must live in Europe.

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Answers: 1.c, 2.b, 3.c