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Tag: fey

Fantasy, Young Adult


Deirdre Monaghan usually only has to worry about throwing up before a performance. A talented harpist, she is used to being on the side lines at school, with her best friend James. Until one day she’s doing her normal pre-performance vomiting when Luke turns up…


Black Swan Rising

Garet is a jewellery designer in New York who lost her mother in a tragic car crash. She never got to hear her mother’s last words over the noise of the jaws of life but the moment is scarred onto her memory. When her father’s…


Dead Reckoning

It’s very hard to review a book from a series without spoiling something that came earlier. Only this week I managed to ruin a series I hadn’t yet started by reading about a recent release. It’s OK though, I’ll bury it in my TBR until…

Fantasy, Young Adult

The Iron Witch

Whilst I don’t want my blog to fill up with young adult book reviews (doesn’t the blogisphere seem full enough of them already?), I did want to share a few thoughts about The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney. Karen’s a British author so I was…