It’s very hard to review a book from a series without spoiling something that came earlier. Only this week I managed to ruin a series I hadn’t yet started by reading about a recent release. It’s OK though, I’ll bury it in my TBR until I forget all about it. So if you’re new to Sookie or just watching True Blood on telly, you might want to avoid all these reviews on Dead Reckoning that no doubt will be appearing over the next few days.

First off, I love this cover! Those of you who like a matching set might be cursing Gollancz for changing the design yet again but my Sookie collection is a hodge-podge of editions and formats. This is the first cover that I’d be tempted to pick up in a shop if I hadn’t been recommended the series in the first place. It sets it apart from all those other dark and brooding vampire books sat on the shelves. It’s bold, it’s modern, I only wish they’d re-issue the rest in this style!

Can you believe only two years have passed in Sookie-land since Dead Until Dark? She’s had an action packed time recently so I think we can forgive Charlaine Harris for backing off in these last two books. I know many of you were disappointed in Dead in the Family but I enjoyed the back stories and was grateful that she wasn’t overdoing things.

Bless Sookie, she hasn’t really changed much. She may have become less prejudiced and more aware of the supernatural community but she’s still rather naΓ―ve at heart. She gets upset when her hair gets burned and she still prides herself on her southern hospitality. Whilst many characters in urban fantasy series change quite dramatically over time, it’s a refreshing change that some people stay the same.

Dead Reckoning did seem a little lackluster though and I think if you disliked Dead in the Family, this won’t be for you either. There seems to be several threads of plots and none get the full attention required to make them gripping. Someone’s trying to kill Sookie again, Eric’s trying to deal with vampire politics again, Sookie’s discovering a bit more about her Fey family and Pam’s got a girlfriend who is terminally ill. Considering the book is only 325 pages of easy prose, this just doesn’t seem fulfilling enough for me.

However I read it for the Sookie/Eric relationship and the ending has left me wanting to know how things turn out. At times they seem like an old married couple which is sweet if you know all the background. So yes, despite not being overly impressed, I will probably be anticipating the next book next year just as much as this one.

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