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Tag: films


Popcorn Moment: Untouchable

I went to see a French film. At the cinema. And it’s not even July! Intouchables is based on the true story of Abdel Sellou and Philippe Pozzo Di Borgo (also available in books form; You Changed My Life). It is apparently the second most…


Popcorn Moment: Blade Runner

Can you believe Blade Runner will be 30 years old this year? Just one year younger than myself, it’s a film I’ve grown up with and Rutger Hauer still scares me. Many of the actors have gone onto other things, captain of Battlestar Galactica or…

Popcorn Moment: War Horse

Fans of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse may feel some trepidation when faced with an adaptation to the big screen. How can a story narrated by a horse be made into a believable film? For those not familiar with the book, the central character is Joey,…


We Bought A Zoo

I read We Bought a Zoo a few years ago in my pre-blog days and it’s remained one of my favourite non-fiction reads. It’s the story behind Dartmoor Zoo but more than that it’s the story of a man without a zoological background who one…


Hors de Prix

Priceless is a French romantic comedy staring the gorgeous Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. Iréne is a bit of a gold digger and mistakes the bartender, Jean, in her Riviera hotel for a millionaire. Of course when she discovers he’s not rich, she dumps him…