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Tag: humour


Ayoade on Ayoade

Who else is better to delve into the psyche of underappreciated genius Richard Ayoade than Richard Ayoade himself? Our lives are fictions. We construct this fake reality that we’re happy, when really we want to smash everybody’s faces in and make them kneel down before…

5 Star, Non-Fiction

Hyperbole and a Half

This is a book of stories about things that happened. With pictures. And dogs. The lovely Hannah gave me a copy of Hyperbole and a Half for Christmas and I dived right in. If you’ve never read Allie Brosh’s blog, go do so now. If…


Sad Monsters

Did you know that nearly half of all werewolf attacks start as misguided hugs? There are hits and misses in this collection of woeful tales of sad and misunderstood monsters. The Joy of Unicorns had me snorting with laughter and I loved the human/zombie role…

5 Star, Fantasy

The World of Poo

In Snuff, Young Sam Vines had moved on from Where’s My Cow? and his new favourite book was The World of Poo. Because Sir Terry Pratchett is awesome, once again he has brought Sam’s fictional book to life in a charming story all about poo!…

5 Star, General Fiction

Charlotte Street

There was a girl struggling with the door of a cab and her packages. And I don’t know why, but I asked if I could help. And she smiled at me. This incredible smile. And suddenly I felt all manly and confident, like a handyman…

5 Star, Science Fiction

Apocalypse Cow

Then he heard it: a long and shuddering moo, emanating from deep within the trees. The moo came again thirty seconds later, quieter this time. It was moving away, towards the rolling fields where thousands of dairy cows grazed in blissful ignorance, and the suburbs…


The Damned Busters

“It turns out that sinning is what makes the world go round.” The story starts off when Chesney accidentally summons a demon; it could happen to anyone. But Chesney doesn’t want to sell his soul to the devil and his choice has disastrous consequences. What…