In Snuff, Young Sam Vines had moved on from Where’s My Cow? and his new favourite book was The World of Poo. Because Sir Terry Pratchett is awesome, once again he has brought Sam’s fictional book to life in a charming story all about poo!

I’m not sure the plot really matters. Geoffrey is staying with his Grandmother in Ankh-Morpork and he starts up a poo museum in the garden shed after he’s told that being pooed on by a bird is good luck. The story follows his adventures round the city as he collects different types of poo and even visits Sir Harry King, master of all things poo.

I can see this being a huge hit with small children even if parents might want to deter poo collecting as a hobby. Geoffrey is encouraged to wash his hands a lot so there is a positive message in there too. The line drawings by Peter Dennis are charming and add a little extra to the story; I especially liked the ones illustrating his trip to the zoo. And in true Pratchett style, there are plenty of footnotes to keep the adults entertained (though personally, I thought the whole thing was amusing).

There’s a lot of moaning on Amazon about the formatting on the Kindle edition. I can see how it might have been difficult with the illustrations and footnotes but there’s a bit of me that thinks this book deserves to by a physical thing. The hardback has a lovely feel to it and at the very least, it’s an interesting conversation point for visitors to your home.

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