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Tag: japan



Only eight centimetres of juice remained, compared to fifteen when I had left for work. Someone had been helping themselves to it. And yet I live alone. Fifty-six year old Shimura Kobo lives alone in the suburbs of Nagasaki. His life is relatively uneventful; he…

Fantasy, Young Adult


Following the death of her mother, Katie Greene moves to Japan to live with her aunt. Trying to make friends in a new school is hard enough without struggling to learn a new language. And then she overhears a fight between bad boy Tomohiro and…


The Goddess Chronicle

This tale may be spun from my words but I speak for the goddess, the one who governs the Realm of the Dead. My words may be dyed red with anger; they may tremble in yearning after the living; but they are all, each and…

Short Stories, Translation

March Was Made of Yarn

The thought occurred to me, as I was sweating from expending all this energy. How minuscule this was compared with something like, say, the cleanup after 3/11. This was just one tree. Cleanup after 3/11 was beyond inconceivable. Like all anthologies, there are going to…