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Tag: john wyndham

Classics, Science Fiction

The Midwich Cuckoos

Richard and Janet Gayford are in London on the 26th September so are perturbed when they return the next day to find their return to the sleepy village of Midwich blocked. They set off over the fields only to discover that the whole village has…

5 Star, Classics, Science Fiction

The Chrysalids

I certainly did not feel unusual. I was a normal little boy, growing up in a normal way, taking the ways of the world about me for granted. Waknuk is a district of law-abiding, God-respecting people, where deviations and blasphemies are not tolerated. Any crop…

Classics, Science Fiction

The Kraken Wakes

It all started so slowly. So much, that a number of seemingly unconnected events mostly went unreported for months. But the increase of shipwrecks starts to raise eyebrows. Could there be something in the deepest reaches of the ocean? And if so, what? Does it…