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Tag: lauren beukes

5 Star, Crime Fiction, Thriller

Broken Monsters

Detroit, a city built on the American Dream, now harbouring killers and dreams that shouldn’t see the light of day. A gruesome murder with no motives. Detective Gabi Versado leads the case, all hands on deck, filling in the gaps. At home, her teenage daughter…

5 Star, Crime Fiction

The Shining Girls

Everything happens for a reason. It’s because he is forced to leave that he finds the House. It is because he took the coat that he has the key. Chicago 1931: Harper Curtis is set on a path of murder when he walks into the…


Zoo City

Zinzi December carries a sloth on her back. He is a mark of what she has done wrong. In an alternate Johannesburg, the animalled, or “zoos”, live as outcasts, surviving as best they can in inner city slums. With Zinzi’s animal she got a gift,…