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Tag: non pratt

Young Adult

Truth or Dare

Non Pratt writes good teens, the kind you can imagine actually existing in today’s world. Claire didn’t really know Sef’s brother Kam before the accident, the fall from a railway bridge left him with brain damage and he’s never going…

5 Star, Young Adult


Ben, Dean, Millie, Zara. Me – Alix. Five friends, five years… it feels like a lifetime. Once they were five, now they are four. Alix has drifted apart from her friends ever since Millie’s death, she was the glue that…

Young Adult


Kaz has loved Tom since she was a little girl but now he has ended it. Ruby’s ex cheated on her and she’s so over him. What the girls need is a great weekend away from it all, and Remix…

5 Star, Young Adult


When 15 year old Hannah Shepherd discovers she’s pregnant, she doesn’t know who to tell. She does know that she wants to keep it. She pretends she doesn’t know who the father is, and with her reputation, it’s not hard…