Kaz has loved Tom since she was a little girl but now he has ended it. Ruby’s ex cheated on her and she’s so over him. What the girls need is a great weekend away from it all, and Remix is the place to do it. A weekend of music, camping and best friends.

Remix is told through the dual narratives of Kaz and Ruby over a weekend at a music festival. Ruby’s the outspoken bold half and Kaz is smart but quieter. They have always told each other everything but Kaz hasn’t quite been honest with her. She knows Tom will be at Remix and she’s determined to make him realise how much he misses her. Ruby is determined to protect her best friend from further hurt, but as the weekend progresses the secrets and lies multiply.

People talk about love all the time, but they mean all that romantic crap that comes with sextras and heartbreak. That isn’t something I ever plan on feeling. The love I have for my best friend? That’s the kind I plan on feeling forever.

It’s so lovely to have a book that focuses on platonic love as the central thread. Yes the girls have both recently finished relationships and aren’t quite over them, but it’s the friendship that shines through. What happens when you stop sharing with your best friend, when you don’t feel you can talk to the one person who would understand?

One thing Non Pratt doesn’t shy away from is teenage sex. It isn’t something that’s treated as sacred. The characters have varying experiences but most importantly none of them are portrayed as bad girls for having sex. They are just teenagers discovering their sexuality and making mistakes along the way. Something that so many will do as they grow up (and some will carry on doing so even then).

Just because someone makes a bad boyfriend, doesn’t make them a bad person.

The music festival is a useful setting to allow these teenage mistakes to play out without intervention of parents or teachers. Books so often rely on the house party for this so it was a refreshing change of location. However there’s not a huge amount about music, which the cover might imply otherwise. This didn’t bother me as I don’t particularly like reading about people’s musical tastes but I have seen a few reviews where this disappointed readers.

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