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Tag: social networking

5 Star, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Some cultures used to think cameras took our souls. Maybe that’s what’s happened to us. Maybe our need to document our every thought, our every emotion, has robbed us of everything. Stripped us down to nothing but pixels on a screen. All Petri’s friends are…


The World According to Twitter

The nation is divided over an apostrophe this week. Waterstone’s has dropped theirs to become simply Waterstones. The use of apostrophes on signs has been a touchy subject for many years, spawning many a small hardback book on the issue. They argue that it has…


A Note About Facebook

I’ve had a few Facebook friend requests recently from people I don’t know and I can only guess that they’re coming from here. I don’t want to seem rude so this is to let you know that Facebook is my real life place and I…