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Tag: tess gerritsen

Crime Fiction

I Know a Secret

Rizzoli and Isles is one of the few crime fiction series I have stuck with over the years. I just love the regular characters so much andthere’s always a decent helping of stuff about them, rather than just the crime. I Know a Secret is…

Crime Fiction

Die Again

Die Again is the 11th book in the Rizzoli and Isles series and therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books. Six years ago, a group of tourists head into the Botswana bush to experience the “real Africa”. One death can be discounted…

Crime Fiction

John Doe

When Maura Isles meets a handsome man at a fundraiser, she welcomes a bit of harmless flirtation. Or that’s what she thinks. The next day she wakes up on her couch with no memory of how she got there. Had she really drunk that much?…

Crime Fiction

Last to Die

Three children, orphaned twice over, first their birth families, then three years later the families that took them in. Detective Jane Rizzoli doesn’t believe in coincidences but must stand back whilst Crowe chases after the wrong guy. Maura meets two of the children at Evensong…

Crime Fiction, Short Stories


I’ve been busy this week so was thrilled to find a Rizzoli and Isles freebie for the Kindle. When an emaciated girl is found dead all signs point to vampires but of course our detective and pathologist don’t believe in suchs things. With the current…

Crime Fiction

The Silent Girl

A severed hand discovered in Chinatown leads Rizzoli to a case from nearly twenty years ago. A restaurant shooting where the blame was placed with the chef who then committed suicide. But someone out there believes the chef was innocent and it’s time for the…