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Tag: Travel


The Road to Little Dribbling

On the cusp of becoming a British citizen twenty years after Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson sets off across Britain once again. He partly muses on how things have changed but it’s not a rehashing of his previous book, instead he visits a…


The Penguin Lessons

When Tom Michell takes a teaching job in Argentina, he hopes to see the world, despite reservations from his friends and family back home. Yet whilst on his travels he comes across an oil-slicked beach in Uruguay, and a swathe of dead penguins. In amongst…


In Praise of Savagery

As a young man, Warwick Cairns met legendary explorer, Wilfred Thesiger. At the time, he didn’t know who he was. He had gone a long to a meeting of one of those charities that arranges community work in third world countries for youngsters that haven’t…


America Unchained

I was after a bit of roadtrip inspiration and picked up Dave Gorman’s America Unchained off the shelves. After doing a US tour, he came home thinking he didn’t like America very much but his problem was that he had only seem the soulless corporate…


Notes from a Small Island

I will start out by saying that I do enjoy Bill Bryson’s writing in general and my criticisms of Notes from a Small Island would not put me off reading his books. Written in 1995 it is now a little bit dated, especially as part…