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Book Group: Room

We had a bit of drama at book group tonight. Half way through a discussion a man walks up to us and asks if we’re the book group and then states that we’ve just lost two members, they were waiting outside, got angry and stomped off. Apparently he was also here to discuss the book but he complained that we were sitting round the corner (where we always sit) and then spent ages going on about how unsuitable the pub was. We’re been using the pub for over a year now and this was the first time it was really loud. To be fair, the regular bar staff would have pointed the newcomers in our direction but they seemed to be newbies that didn’t know about our existence.

So we settle back down to get on with discussion. Now everybody’s entitled to dislike a book but there’s a way to get your opinion across that isn’t insulting to either the author or the people that like it. You could see the tension on the faces of us regulars – we’re usually a friendly bunch and I was feeling the urge to swear. I guess there’s always the risk that he’ll find this blog but if so, be nicer!

Considering all my online bookish friends loved Room by Emma Donoghue, there was a real mixed bag of opinions on it. It was something I really enjoyed when I read it and was impressed by how her writing came across as a young child more than any other book I’d read with a child narrator. But as people discussed it, I started thinking of more things I didn’t like. So my book group score was 8/10 whilst at the time of reading I gave it five stars.

Our next book is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

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  1. cookcreateread

    Some people are just weird … some are just plain rude!

    I enjoyed Room – I found it quite disturbing though, and the 5 year old's language took a little getting used to.

  2. KarenSi

    Sounds like you are better off without him. Possibly only cause trouble later if he's complaining about something like that.

    Although we didn't have it as a book most of my book group have read it too and like you there were mixed reactions. I think it's one of those books which is a good thing as it gets everyone talking.

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