This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is one I have not been able to participate in. I may have lied about finishing chapter x for homework at school but I have come up a blank as to when I have lied about a book in my adult life.

I don’t think there’s anyone that would be impressed by me having read a certain book so there’s no point in making it up. Some people I mix with watch the worst TV ever so I should have no shame in my bookish guilty pleasures… and I don’t!

Sometimes I might play down how much I hated a book if in the presence of people who love it and look like they might hit me if I’m mean. I won’t pretend I liked it though, just say it wasn’t for me and move on. We all like different things so you can’t judge a person by the cover of the book they’re reading!

141:365 Shhh, It's A Secret!