I’ve treated my self to a weekend of guilty pleasure reads, first with the latest Karen Chance and then by starting a new urban fantasy series, Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden books.

Joanne Baldwin (nice normal name for a change) is a weather warden, someone who controls the earth’s forces to stop mankind getting squished like bugs by extreme weather. I quite like natural disaster films so this concept intrigued me and I’ve really enjoyed the first two books, Ill Wind and Heat Stroke and am happily plowing through the third, Chill Factor.

The weather wardens are technically human but are gifted with the ability to manipulate the elements; air, water, earth or fire. The only other supernatural beings are Djinn (or you might know them better as genies) which are used (read enslaved) by higher ranking wardens to help amplify their power.

If you think that your life is missing books that incorporate storm chasing and genies, this series is for you!

Even better, these books are currently available in The Works in the UK under their 3 for ยฃ5 offer. I’ve found different stores have slightly different stock but it’s worth asking staff if you can’t see them on the shelves as they sometimes hide stuff in corners!