The Mortal Word is the fifth book in the Invisible Library series therefore this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

The dragons and the fae are considering a peace treaty, but the talks are disrupted by the murder of one of the diplomats. Vale is brought in as an independent investigator, to be accompanied by a representative from each of the interested parties. The future hangs in the balance, can the talks be saved if one side was responsible?

If I were going on a heroic quest I’d probably start off by making a list of things I’d need on the journey. Including some books to read during the dull bits.

Ahhh these books are so much fun. Irene is chosen as the Library investigator of course, she is the perfect person with connections on all sides. They are transported to an 1890s version of Paris, similar to Vale’s world. All fingers point to a murderous fae, the Bloody Countess, her narrative formed from the legends surrounding Elizabeth Bathory. But what Irene really needs is some solid proof before she risks derailing the peace talks.

Irene must fight against the pull of powerful fae, their narratives trying to pull her in. On the other side are the environmental effects of the dragon royalty attending. And to make things worse, there’s a possible traitor in the Library…

After all, dragons and Fae possibly signing a peace treaty, was already one impossible thing before breakfast. Why not a few more, while she was at it?

She has to try and separate herself from Kai too. He’s no longer part of the Library but Irene makes her excuses to see him. It might not be a good idea for everyone else to know how close she is to a dragon.

It’s a good who-dunnit mixed with the wonderful world of the Library where worlds hold power if you know how to use the Language. Reader of this blog, buy the book called The Mortal Word! Did I use the Language right there? I did get the feeling this book was written as a possible series ending, but good news, Genevieve has signed for another three books. Huzzah!

Just because you’ve had a near-death experience with a powerful kindred of mine down here in the cellars, all on your own, and you didn’t even get to drink any of the brandy yourself, does not mean that you get to take it out on me.

The Mortal Word is published by Pan Macmillan and will be available in paperback ad ebook editions from 29th November 2018. Thanks go to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

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