Paige’s mother left her when she was five years old. Now she is a mother herself could she possibly be capable of doing the same thing? She didn’t plan the pregnancy and she’s having trouble coping which isn’t helped by the fact her husband is a busy surgeon, working his way to the top.

I can usually sit down and read a Jodi P in a day, they are so absorbing, however I struggled with Harvesting the Heart. Although it was only published in the UK last year, it is an older work which may have something to do with it. The story starts near the end and then goes back in time which ruins any kind of suspense. We know that Nicholas won’t let Paige see her son so we know they got together, they had a child and she ran away all from the get go. The initial relationship between Paige and Nicholas seems a bit cliched, poor teenager leaves home and meets rich, handsome trainee doctor. Hrm.

I liked the idea that when Paige draws she sees an extra side of a person but it sort of disappeared after it had been used as a plot device to get her talking to Nicholas. I understand that she felt like she lost herself in the marriage but felt more could have been made of it. There were lots of bits and pieces that didn’t seem to fit and the book was overlong.

It did pick up nearer the end, possibly because it got back to the starting point and the plot was an unknown once more. I think she does the moving back in time better in more recent books.