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The Crooked Book

I’m starting to sound like a stuck record but I am so excited about my find today. No not a book, but a whole bookshop! The Crooked Book looks a bit like a cafe from the outside, hence why I must have walked past it several times since it opened. It does sell tea and coffee but behind the tables and retro collectables for sale there are shelves and shelves of second hand books!

The selection is pretty top-notch. Lots of books that I wanted to read and many more than I would try if I didn’t have so many already. Prices tended to be between Β£2-3 so similar to what you’d be paying on Amazon marketplace once you’d forked out for postage. The only downside is that I can’t reach the top shelf but the staff are friendly so I’m sure they would assist fellow short-arses.

They also had live music in there this afternoon as a backdrop to browse to. As standard these days there is wifi if you would rather go online than read (or like me, check your Goodreads TBR) and local artwork on the walls (OK I missed this, but apparently they can display their work for a month). There’s also bookish events, including an upcoming book launch and open mic poetry nights.

All-in-all, it’s something we have been missing in the area and I am very happy to have stumbled upon it today.

The Crooked Book
725 Christchurch Rd
01202 392451

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  1. Mike Stimpson

    Sounds like an awesome place. Shame about the poetry.

  2. Karen

    Love it! I have a cafe that I go to for lunch and behind the tables are cookbooks – old and new – it just makes me feel cozy.

  3. Sam (Tiny Library)

    Sounds like a great find! I love browsing second hand bookshops.

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